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It’s kind of humorous because, I’ve asked myself that same question over the past 6 years since I conjured it up. 

Hi, I’m Dr. Robert Wolf. I’ve been a practicing dentist for 37 years (no seriously) and I have developed, invented, created or had a hand in many of the everyday brands you use everyday. It’s funny (or tragic) because I’ve been behind the scenes for many of these breakthroughs, watching the “big guys” take the lead and capitalize on my efforts.

I created Smile Box® based upon my experience in helping patients for all of these years. Most people feel like they have been misled when it comes to Teeth Whitening. For years, the first question a patient would ask about teeth whitening was “How long it will it last”. After thinking about it for years, one day about 6 years ago, I said to my patient – “Teeth Whitening is a Process NOT an event”. That phrase seemed to resonate with patients. No longer did they seem as underwhelmed by their individual results. In fact, it was a relief. Now, they felt free to enjoy all of their favorites – Red Wine, Lattes, Red Sauce and ALL of the wonderful life experiences. 

It was that moment that the concept of The Smile Box® was born. For years, I have searched for a simple, easy method to help my patients whiten their teeth. One that was cost-effective, did not cause any harm or sensitivity to their teeth and gums. But what about maintaining their new whiter smile? 

Finally, I stumbled upon the idea of a non-abrasive, great tasting Teeth Whitening Foam!  It checked ALL of the boxes. It was simple, easy and inexpensive. I also designed it to work in combination with ANY toothpaste or to be used on its own. So the process is Flexible – whatever way you like it – you can have it!

If you choose to use it in combination with your favorite toothpaste (which is the way I use it most of the time), it makes ANY toothpaste into a powerful WHITENING toothpaste. So too, it can be used on its own. Either way, you will see instant results.

And remember, “Teeth Whitening is a Process, NOT an Event”™, so you need to “get ‘em white and keep ‘em white”. 

Dr. Robert Wolf

CEO and Co-Founder