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In the midst of a demanding day, a cup of coffee can be a great boost to flagging energy levels. But regular coffee consumption can stain and even damage tooth enamel. That’s because coffee (like tea) contains tannins, substances that can cling to the tiny pits and ridges found in healthy dental enamel. Once attached to your teeth, tannins attract other chemicals, called chromogens, which can dull or stain teeth. Tannins also provide an inviting landing ground for bacteria, which can promote tooth decay.

Fortunately, there are several things you can do to reduce or eliminate coffee staining that can dull your smile. A basic home oral care regimen that includes regular brushing, flossing, and a mouth rinse can help. Eating fruits high in fiber or brushing with a mixture of baking soda and water can also help remove tannins from tooth enamel.

Limiting coffee consumption helps too. But today’s demanding schedules can make us reluctant to give up that cup of java. Switching to blended coffee drinks that are consumed using a straw is one way to keep your coffee but also help protect teeth from the effects of tannins and chromogens. Because using a straw bypasses your teeth, you’ll reduce the likelihood that tannins will contact the surface enamel. But again, who wants to give up coffee? You don’t have to give up any coffee when you use our foam, daily.

For more severe staining—and for a more permanent solution—we suggest regular treatments using our whitening dental foam. Some products can be applied during office visits to your dentist, while others can be purchased for home use. Regular home treatments with our whitening foam—used alone or added to your favorite toothpaste—can provide effective, long-term dental whitening. Our Smile Box Whitening Foam is a simple, safe and effective way to make teeth whitening part of your daily routine.

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