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Dental sensitivity is a common often painful problem characterized by sharp, transient tooth pain. It is generally associated with eating hot or cold foods or with certain types of sweet or acidic foods. The Academy of General Dentistry has estimated that about 40 million Americans suffer from dental sensitivity. There are many potential causes of dental sensitivity—including brushing too hard (or with a hard-bristle toothbrush), receding gums, gingivitis, cracked teeth, or teeth grinding.

The sudden and unexpected onset of dental pain is something no one wants to experience. But what if you have sensitive teeth and want to whiten your smile? Reports vary, but many people may have a degree of temporary sensitivity during whitening procedures.

Fortunately, there’s good news. Not all tooth whitening treatments are the same. For example, some whitening systems feature high concentrations of peroxide, which can trigger pain in those with sensitive teeth. And some treatments can require long application times (30 minutes or longer), which can also trigger episodes of pain in people with dental sensitivity.

There are several easy steps you can take to protect sensitive teeth while still achieving the brighter, whiter smile you want.

• See your dentist and address any serious issues like cavities, cracked teeth or gum disease.
• Use a fluoride gel in a professionally made whitening tray for a 2 week period PRIOR to beginning to whiten your teeth. Not only can the fluoride gel help to strengthen tooth enamel, it may also help reduce the likelihood of sensitivity that may be caused by the professional whitening procedure.
• Ask your dentist about fluoride varnishes or plastic resins to protect the surface of your teeth
• Select a tooth-whitening regimen with non-abrasive ingredients, lower concentrations of peroxide, and shorter application times.
• Adopt a routine of healthy dental care at home—including regular brushing with a soft-bristle toothbrush.

At Smile Box, we have developed our Whitening Foam to be Totally Non-abrasive and with a lower level of peroxide. It’s gentle, yet effective and will not harm your teeth and gums. Remember, “Teeth whitening is a process, not an event”™.

We hope these tips will start you on the path to a healthier, brighter smile!

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